Thursday, July 6, 2017

No more wastage, make Sapal Burger (Coconut pulp burger)

     Coconut is called the Tree of life. It has many uses. You can build a house using its leaves and trunk, eat its meat and drink juice from the fruit, make fuel using it's husk and shells and can produce oil by cooking the coconut cream. Basically, you can use every parts of the coconut tree. What I like most is the fruit. There are many recipes using coconut. Most popular are Laing, Ginataang bilo-bilo, Bicol express, Guising-guising and most of our native kakanin were made from it. I would like to share this recipe I found in my group, one time I was browsing and thinking of not throwing away that coconut pulp.    

Sapal Burger (Coconut pulp burger)

     I was making Laing, then I looked at my coconut pulp. What when into my mind was "Sayang". Sayang because after extracting the coconut cream and milk, will I have to throw this away? What if I could make this into another viand. Then immediately, I browsed my Facebook group and found a recipe using this coconut pulp.
Coconut pulp after extracting the cream and milk
     So there, I began prepping my ingredients. First I transferred the coconut pulp in a bowl (1 small coconut will do). I added minced garlic and onion, ground black pepper, salt and "magic sarap". I also added the left over Baguio beans that was siting inside my vegetable compartment. I sliced it into small pieces, then started to mix it in with the other ingredients. I also dumped in a cup of all purpose flour. In a small bowl, I cracked open 2 eggs, added milk, water and mix it well. Then I poured the wet ingredients to my dry ingredients and mix thoroughly.
The sapal mixture
     I then fried it one by one in my non stick pan, so the burger won't stick, until I finished all the batter. I like to cook it before dinner so it's still warm whenever I serve it. 

What other uses will you recommend? I would like to know more of your opinion. Comment below so I could read some from you.

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